Joule Tree – Natural Capital Integration

What is Natural Capital?

Natural Capital is everything that is around us: air, land, and water. Natural Capital is the world’s stock of renewable and non-renewable resources that provide a flow of goods and services to all living things.

Renewable resources include the air we breathe, the water we drink, the lakes we fish, the rivers we navigate, the land we farm, flowers and trees, wildlife, healthy soil, flowing streams, vast oceans and all the life in the world that we appreciate.


Non-Renewable resources are things like copper, lithium, gold, aluminum, silver, uranium, sand, gravel, and the earth’s energy resources such as coal and petroleum.

Simply, Natural Capital equals the globe’s Non-Renewable plus Renewable Resources.

Natural capital is the basis of our quality of life. Natural capital supplies us food, shelter and energy. It gives us our warm showers and clothes, the materials for cell phones and all forms of transportation. It gives us recreation and our beautiful landscapes to enjoy.

We must extract natural capital to maintain our quality of life, and simultaneously protect natural capital so the balance of the earth is maintained. This is a win for humans and a win for nature.

Joule Tree. Natural capital is who we are and what we do. Contact us to get more out of your natural capital.

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