About Us

Joule Tree is a group of global professionals with technical expertise and broad experience in natural capital who are passionate about economic generation and environmental protection. Our calling is to secure a profitable, sustainable and flourishing quality of life for all people and all life.

We consult and partner with our clients to responsibly harvest non-renewable and renewable natural capital profitably while maintaining ecosystems that all creatures, including humans, must have to live.


Every person requires food, potable water, shelter and clothing to exist. And almost everyone wants to more than just exist – they want education, sanitation, healthcare, transportation, computers, internet, cellular phones, recreation, and entertainment as examples. What is considered acceptable quality of life will differ across the earth, but the one thing that remains consistent is every person on the planet consumes natural capital.

Life is Great

To maintain the quality of life to which we’ve become accustomed, we must continue to extract non-renewable resources such as aluminum, gold, iron, platinum, titanium, lithium, copper, etc. We must also continue to harvest the earth’s non-renewable energy resources such as uranium, coal, oil and gas, while we continue to improve our ability to harvest renewable energy resources such as geothermal, hydro, wind, wave, solar and atmospheric energy.

We can responsibly extract the non-renewable resources that our current quality of life demands, while maintaining a healthy balance of our renewable natural capital which is equally in demand. Further, we can insure the demands for non-renewable natural capital in one part of the world do not jeopardize the renewable natural capital in another part of the world, compromising one culture’s quality of life for another.

A Comprehensive Approach

With the heightened awareness and prioritization of natural capital in response to its decline at a global level, we must productively consider natural capital in decision making where impacts to the environment are concerned. It is not possible to continue to support the demands for economic development and protect our environment without being more solution-oriented.

It isn’t difficult to look across our global landscape and observe the scars of past societal demands of the earth’s resources. While there have been robust efforts and significant financial investments to remediate and restore impacts that have historically occurred and right the wrongs, we have not always been successful. Some fixes are not immediate. Some are not possible at all. And in some cases, our actions have caused greater problems than the initial impacts. It’s time that we simultaneously look at alternative, comprehensive and practical approaches to maintaining our quality of life and our earth’s natural capital.

Finding Profits and Win-Win Solutions

Joule Tree is a group of professionals from around the globe that collaborate with great clients to design and execute strategies that profitably support our flourishing quality of life, as well as the environment. Our technical expertise and broad experience with natural capital allow us to design strategies balancing economic generation and environmental protection while securing a sustainable quality of life for all.

The Name and the Logo

Natural capital is the earth’s renewable and non-renewable resources, including renewable and non-renewable energy resources.  Our name, Joule Tree, draws upon all these aspects.

Joule is the international unit of energy named after James Prescott Joule and his discoveries in the fields of electricity and thermodynamics in the 1800’s.  Appropriately, Joule’s motivation for conducting his research is largely attributed to improving the productivity and profitability of his family’s company and industry, ale and porter brewing.

Trees are a ubiquitous representation of natural capital. Just consider this list of some of the ecosystem services trees provide:

  • Perching Sites
  • Nesting Sites
  • Nesting Materials
  • Particulates Scrubbing
  • Shade
  • Wind Break
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Food Source
  • Indirect Food Source
  • Lumber
  • Heat Production
  • Energy Production
  • Water Purification
  • Hurricane/Typhoon Buffering

The upper portion of our logo symbolizes an evergreen tree being buffeted by the wind.  The bottom portion represents an extracted metal such as gold.  In its entirety, the logo is a stylized energy symbol.  The logo was designed to represent the non-renewable and renewable resources of natural capital.