Aaron DeJoia

Co-Founder, Principal Scientist

Aaron DeJoia is a master at designing practical natural capital solutions for difficult environmental problems in the areas of soil science, agronomy, oil and gas reclamation, remediation, and wastewater management. He has two decades of international experience that includes soil fertility, water chemistry, nutrient management, water, soil, and plant interface interactions, reclamation of disturbed lands, natural gas produced water management, agronomy, salinity transport permitting, remote sensing and permitting.

Successful natural capital related projects include produced water managed irrigation systems, crop and nutrient management plans, facility water management strategies to manage nutrient and salinity impacts, land application of biosolids, wastewater land application, nutrient cycling, and environmental soil chemistry including remediation of salinity impacted crop land, and the beneficial reuse of high nutrient wastewater and low irrigation quality water.

Mr. DeJoia is a board certified Professional Soil Scientist, Professional Agronomist, as well as a Certified Crop Advisor. He is a published author of many technical articles, technical speaker, peer reviewer, expert witness and served on the Board of Directors for the Soil Science Society. He obtained his BS and MS from Kansas State University.

Mr. DeJoia enjoys outdoor activities with his family including skiing, hiking and playing sports. Being from a small farming town in Kansas Aaron loves and respects the country life and agricultural community.