Ginny King

Co-Founder, Natural Capital Director

Ms. King possesses extensive expertise within the environmental and natural capital arenas, creating innovative solutions for clients and the environment.

Natural Capital has been Ms. King’s passion since the 1990’s. She designs and executes innovative strategies that bridge economic generation and environmental protection. Her approaches benefit multiplicity of stakeholders.

Filling the role of a Natural Resource Trustee for the State of Texas in the early 1990’s, Ms. King acquired Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) experience both in the expertise of process, and the utilization of quantification methodologies. As a Trustee, Ms. King developed a deep appreciation and understanding of natural capital’s underpinning of our quality of life. She was able to strategize beyond environmental regulatory standards to obtain resolution with out-of-the-box win-win thinking and accomplish restoration. Ms. King has extrapolated these approaches to pioneer the capacity to attain balance within numerous arenas including CERCLA (Superfund), RCRA, Emergency Response, Permitting and Planning, Corporate Sustainability, Merges and Acquisitions and Property Divestments. She’s implemented strategies both domestically and internationally for industrial sectors including oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure, as well as the United States Department of Defense.

Ms. King is a degreed Geologist who began her career in the oil fields of Texas.