Rick Gillan

Co-Founder, General Manager

Rick Gillan delivers vision and innovation to projects, businesses and people by employing his decades of experience in engineering, hidden natural capital development, and management. He has a talent for transforming complex projects into manageable and profitable outcomes for the stakeholders and the environment.

As General Manager for the largest reclamation company in North America, Mr. Gillan led the design and implementation of several key equipment and process innovations that have yielded better efficiency, plant establishment and growth. He also led the addition of services including soil science, environmental consulting, and natural capital integration, advancing the speed and quality a functioning environment can be returned after construction.

Mr. Gillan and his partners were regional leaders in specialized land development, forensic engineering, and repair design. Using their team’s innovation and knowledge, they recognized the hidden natural capital potential associated with legacy mining properties. They developed the former mines into thriving, biodiverse ecosystems integrated with housing developments, green infrastructure storm water management and flood mitigation, in concert with recreation.

Recognizing the significant energy savings a newly discovered thermodynamic process could bring to the world, Mr. Gillan and his partners invented a multi-patented air conditioner that minimized traditional air conditioning systems’ energy use to one tenth. They achieved international distribution on six continents and were awarded the prestigious R&D 100 award.

Mr. Gillan received his BS in Engineering from the University of Colorado.