Sachin Kapila

Associate, Natural Capital Strategist

Mr. Kapila is a leading industry expert on business and biodiversity internationally. Projects he’s led include the effective development of green infrastructure, monetizing the conservation value of surplus land-based assets (conservation banking), developing biodiversity offsets, and establishing and then managing several strategic partnerships with leading environmental organizations.

As VP of Shell’s Government Relations Leadership Team, he worked to establish and implement strategies with key multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, IFC, EBRD, UN, G20/B20, ICC and OECD. Those strategies included natural capital, biodiversity business, green infrastructure and carbon offsets across a broad range of thematic areas such as energy and climate, decommissioning and restoration, local content, revenue transparency and energy transition.

Mr. Kapila has over 2 decades of experience and has worked in over 15 countries across Latin America, Africa, SE Asia and MENA. He holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College. Mr. Kapila co-authored a book called “Building Biodiversity Business”