Environmental Compliance

Accomplishing More with Less via Natural Capital Strategies

The consideration of the ecosystem services provided by natural capital has the potential to support identification of creative and cost-effective approaches to achieve environmental compliance.  Whether a company is looking for possibilities to generate economies of scale, efficiencies in achieving corporate objectives, or opportunities to address non-compliance issues, natural capital and its associated ecosystem services could highlight projects previously unrecognized as solution providers within the compliance arena.  Examples of how natural capital could support a derivation of benefit within the compliance arena include:

  • Utilizing green infrastructure rather than gray infrastructure to manage and treat storm water and non-point source pollution
  • Designing a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) based on compensating impacted natural capital or reduction in ecosystem service levels rather than paying a penalty
  • Designing a green roof to minimize energy use for facility cooling to achieve a sustainability metric

Joule Tree provides support with the following:

  • Natural Capital Inventory
  • Natural Capital Dependencies and Impacts
  • Green Infrastructure Systems
  • NPDES Permit Violation offsets
  • Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)
  • Stakeholder Interface and Regulatory Negotiations